About La Casa


Mural painting of several figures climbing a plant stalk and reaching to each other with a bright orange sun in the background

Since its founding in 1974, La Casa Cultural Latina has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to Latina/o students and the campus community, as well as local and global communities. La Casa reflects the diversity of Latina/o cultures and exemplifies el éxito Latino that shapes the Americas in our contemporary world.

All students, faculty, staff, and community members are welcomed and encouraged to participate in La Casa’s many educational, cultural, and social advocacy programs.

Statement of Inclusion

The mission of La Casa Cultural Latina is to promote a welcoming and dynamic atmosphere through the development of educational, cultural, socio-political, and social programs that lead to greater recruitment, retention, advancement, and empowerment of Latina/o students. La Casa engages current and future leaders through mentorship, civic engagement, and the promotion of social advocacy.

In order to fulfill this mission, it is critical for La Casa to be a resource, an advocate, and a safe space for all students, inclusive of differing nationalities, citizenship, or immigrant status. Supporting undocumented students is in direct accordance with the University of Illinois’ vision and goals to foster diversity on campus. In 2011 the University of Illinois President’s Office publicly supported the Illinois DREAM Act becoming reality and made the campus commitment clear in a statement: “Our University should educate the best and brightest in this country, it shouldn’t be that hard to chase that dream [of attaining an education].” La Casa does not discriminate or distinguish between its Latina/Latino students; all Latina/Latino students deserve the support to help them succeed at the University of Illinois and beyond. Furthermore, La Casa Cultural Latina provides leadership and strives to raise awareness across campus of the issues facing undocumented students so that the University of Illinois becomes an inclusive environment where students can gain the access, support, and guidance they need to prepare for productive careers and civic engagement upon graduation.