Latino Family Visit Day (LFVD)


LFVD banner graphic featuring family icons of three and four figures and an light blue background color

Since fall of 2004, the University has offered a culturally sensitive orientation program for the families of incoming Latina/o students. Over the course of a Sunday, various members of the student services and academic affairs units of the university provide a day-long orientation on all aspects of university life, from navigating the financial aid process to adjusting to separation from family.

The goals of the program have been to:

  • create a series of experiences and events for Latina/o families to increase their knowledge, comfort level, and understanding of college life for their students;
  • integrate both the academic and co-curricular dimensions of campus life into the visit day;
  • provide opportunities for the Latina/o parents to meet and build relationships with individuals on campus who are integral to their students' success at the university;
  • encourage siblings to set their goals on higher education, learn more about college admissions, and cultivate their leadership skills;
  • plan recreational activities for younger children so that they can relate to the place their older siblings go for exercise, recreation, and socializing;
  • offer bilingual materials and presentations on culturally appropriate subjects.