Large group of Conectate Participants


Early Move-In Program

Conéctate is a free early arrival program designed for first-year freshmen and transfer Latinx students to experience the fast-paced campus life that awaits at Illinois.


2024 Conéctate

This year Conéctate will take place August 20-22, 2024.

Registration will open July 1, 2024!

Why Conéctate?

This three-day program will provide incoming First-Year and Transfer Latinx College Students in a predominately white institution (PWI) the opportunity to explore their Latinidad by empowering their sense of belonging and identity. Attendees will learn about the university’s academic rigor from current faculty, meet current students who will share how they balance all sorts of responsibilities, and acquire resources that will help them adjust and succeed on campus.

The program intends to open up spaces to learn and understand college experiences based on issues pertinent to Latinx students rather than framing one’s experience on current dominant narratives. 

The program consists of three different modules:

  1. Sense of belonging
  2. Developing student-faculty relationship
  3. Balancing responsibilities

What to Expect

Tuesday, August 20, 2024

  • Morning: move into residence hall 
  • Afternoon: past 12pm program starts (family is with you still) 
  • Evening: Family will have dinner and join us for the program until dinner is over 

Wednesday, August 21, 2024

  • 8:00 am-8:00 pm: Participation ALL DAY 

We will have a day full of fun activities, sessions, and our C-Cube program will start this day.

Thursday, August 22, 2024

  • 8:00 am-10:00 pm: Participation ALL DAY

On this day you will meet some of our Latinx faculty and staff as well as continue with our C-Cubed program and as a group attend your first Welcome Week event together!

Friday, August 23, 2023

  • 9:30 am

We will meet at La Casa to walk you to New Student Convocation as well as the Welcome Celebration and College Meetings.

Family Programming During Conéctate

During the first day of Conéctate, August 15th, there will be programming for families. Students and families are together from check-in until the Welcome. After the welcome families will attend a presentation with our Director, and students will stay with each other.

  • Family Presentation
    The family presentation is geared towards families who are attending with their first student(s) who is the first in the family to attend college. If this is not the first college student for the families some of the information covered may not feel relevant. The focus of the presentation is to provide tips and transition guidance from the perspective of the La Casa Cultural Latina Director, and their observation of what our Latinx first year students navigate and tips for families to consider. Following the family presentation families and students will be united for dinner together.
  • Dinner
    Dinner will take place with families, students, and campus partners. Dinner will be provided free of charge.
  • Post Dinner
    Students will remain in the program and families will depart and say their farewells after dinner, this can be an emotional time for the student and family members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Housing/Billing Related

Is Conéctate free?

Yes! We cover housing and all the meals that are not provided by your meal plan. If you live in Private Certified Housing and meal plans have not started, we will cover your meals.

Should I be signing up for a Housing move in time slot?

Yes! Please make sure you select August 20th and a morning move in time slot because our programming will start as early as 1:30pm. 

Sign up for a move in morning time slot.

Moving in on August 20th means there is an early arrival fee, will I have to pay the fee?

No! If you move in on August 20th in the morning, you will not have to pay for the early arrival fee, if you’re moving in before August 20th, you are responsible for the cost.

How will Housing know I am on the early arrival list?

We communicate with University Housing so they know you are on the early arrival list and that we will be paying for that cost for you.

How does my early arrival fee get paid for? I see it on my university billing statement.

You will see the early arrival fee on your bill, please do not worry that is normal once Conéctate is over we send a final list to University Housing to cover the fee.

Logistical Questions

What if I cannot participate in all 3 days?

We encourage you to connect with La Casa once the semester starts instead. This program is designed to intentionally build off each day and missing any day(s) will interrupt in getting the full experience.

What does Conéctate provide?

We will provide a Conéctate shirt, C-Cube shirt, food, supplies for activities, community, and an experience you will never forget!

What is C-Cube?

C-Cube is when we have a cross-programming model with our lovely cultural center neighbors Bruce D. Nesbitt African American Cultural Center and Native American House. C-Cube focuses on the following: Solidarity, Empowerment, and Community. This program starts on August 16th and continues to August 17th.

What will we be doing August 18th?

Your leaders will guide you to all the Welcome Back celebrations including your college meetings. We will not have a formal Conéctate program on this day.

Other Questions

My family is worried about me attending the program, what should I tell them?

Have your family call us and they can talk to our staff or Director, we have bilingual staff that can also communicate with them in Spanish if they are worried. In the past when families called us and talked to our staff, we helped ease the transition they are experiencing.