Latinx Heritage Month


Latinx Heritage Month is a time for celebration, learning, and our community! Nationally recognized in 1968 as a week-long celebration, Latinx Heritage Month is now a month-long celebration that kicks off with Central American Independence Days. At La Casa, we choose to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month to break down the influences of colonization and promote inclusivity of all Latinx individuals.

Throughout the month, take time to learn about the various countries within Latin America, support Latinx creators, and businesses, and reflect on the Latinx community's contributions.

La Casa's Latinx Heritage Month 2023 theme, Raíces, calls on us to reflect on our Latinx roots that have brought us to where we are, celebrate those who came before us, and plant the seeds that allow our roots to grow for future generations to thrive.

Print copies of our Latinx Heritage Month Calendar are available at La Casa (1203 W. Nevada Street). To view our digital calendar please visit 



Celerate Latinx Heritage Month with La Casa!